[Mnbird] Myre-Big Island State Park

Allen Batt snoeowl at aol.com
Wed May 8 09:02:12 CDT 2024

   I moved a pair of shoes down the trail at Myre-Big Island State Park. Barred Owls called, Pileated Woodpeckers yelled and Indigo Buntings sang, “Fire; fire; where? where? here; here; see it? see it?” Warblers danced in the sunlight of the highest leaves. The Great Marsh Trail and Big Island were both wonderfully warblery and the variety was uplifting. 
  The trail turned into a road. Life is made of little moments and I was thrilled to see meadowlarks flapping with short, stiff, grouse-like wingbeats and gliding as I listened to the snoring sounds of leopard frogs. I noticed a great egret standing in the middle of the road. Why didn’t the egret cross the road? Because a pair of Canada Geese wouldn’t let it. The gander was bigger than the female, and he stretched his neck menacingly. 
  A Western Meadowlark sang, “Have-you-planted your wheat yet?"

It was all good,
Al Batt
Freeborn County

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