[Mnbird] Afton SP, 7?16: Chat(s), Summer Tanager

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Mon Jul 16 16:23:56 CDT 2018

 Late this morning, Rob and I managed to re-find the Chat in its continuing
location off the north prairie. It was first only audible, singing some of
its usual repertoire from shrubs on the left side of the path. Just then,
my phone rang, and the bird quickly gave what seemed like a warning call.
That continued for several minutes, until it elicited a response call from
the right side of the path. The call and response went on for a few
minutes, before the Chat flew directly over the path, east to west, giving
us good views. It perched in the biggest deciduous tree on the slope, at
the back side, then dropped into one of the bushes on the hillside. We
didn't see it a second time, but as we studied the hillside, something else
caught our eyes, flying out of the apple tree below the hill, and up over
the shrubs where the Chat had disappeared.
At first we both thought "Cardinal", but that didn't fit. It was large,
with chunky beak, but no mask or crest. The color was not the deep red of a
cardinal, but a lighter, slightly grey-mottled red; nor did it have the
brown tones of a young cardinal. It disappeared from view too quickly, with
no vocalization
This site isn't far from where I've seen a Summer Tanager in the past (in
the woods above the trout brook), so I assume the habitat is acceptable .
However, I'd be delighted to hear if someone else can confirm it.
Linda Whyte
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