[Mnbird] 140th St. Marsh, Dakota, 7/15

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Mon Jul 16 15:47:57 CDT 2018

A report of a Blue Grosbeak at this location inspired another check for the
species yesterday morning, though I'd looked here on a few previous trips
this year. Parking closer to the east border of the waste site, I walked
west, noting the many other species to be seen and heard. It wasn't until I
turned back, walking east toward the car, that I heard Blue Grosbeak song.
The bird was singing from the top of a tree on the slope. The voice and
song were unmistakable. Its size, shape and stance were typical of the
species. Unfortunately, it was back-lit, so didn't give good looks at its
deep blue color or its russet wing patch. Before I could get in a position
of favorable light, it took off, flying west and dropping behind a ridge
near the bottom of the waste site. It was not seen again by me or several
other observers who were there at the time.
Thanks to Joe Conoly I did finally see the Bell's Vireos I'd been unable to
find earlier this year.  They are apparently nesting in the same location
as last year. They were going back and forth to a large bush between the
dump driveway and the main pond, with food.
Linda Whyte
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