[Mnbird] Benton County today

Betsy Beneke birderbetsy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 16:23:19 CDT 2015

Lesser scaup on the Miss. River at Sauk Rapids, along with two brown
creepers.  The masses of ducks and geese that have been on the river all
winter are dispersing.

Some large flocks of juncos in several locations, and the large flock of
snow buntings are still along CR 7 northeast of Foley.  Three male
red-winged blackbirds were near the intersection of CRs 1 and 2 just a
little bit ago.  Didn't see them in this spot this morning.

A pair of eastern bluebirds (!) were along CR 90 on the west side of the
St. Cloud airport.

There is a song sparrow coming to my feeders at home.

Betsy Beneke
St. Cloud, Benton County
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