[Mnbird] Stearns County today

Betsy Beneke birderbetsy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 17:07:11 CDT 2015

Paynesville:  WTP's are still frozen - open only a little around the
edges.  Most of the wetlands along Hwy. 23 are as well, but there are some
open spots - all have Canada Geese and mallards in them.  No other
waterfowl species...yet.  Also saw a male northern harrier west of the

Lake Henry/Crow River:  Found a yellow-bellied sapsucker, at the
intersection of Greencrest Rd and 240th St.  Also juncos and American tree
sparrows.  Although the river is completely open north of Stearns CR 19,
the only waterfowl in the area were Canada geese.

Hwy. 4/Greenwald/Padua/Melrose/Albany:  Mostly just Canada geese with a few
mallards.  No other waterfowl species seen.  Sauk River is still mostly
frozen, although the skies were filled with geese in and around Melrose.
Only open water was in the temporary wetlands.  Albany WTP's - only birds
were Canada geese.  Open around the edges for 10-20 feet this morning.

I was HOPING for a killdeer, eastern bluebird, or other waterfowl species -
no luck!  So much for birding on Friday the 13th!

Betsy Beneke
St. Cloud, Benton County
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