[Mnbird] Around Dakota Cty

R.D. Everhart everhart at black-hole.com
Mon Mar 16 08:22:34 CDT 2015

   I decided to take a drive around a few locations in Dakota Cty to
see what the winds might have brought in. Generally, the ponds are
still frozen but have open water along the edges. 180th St. Marsh
(Erickson Pond) was busy with a few good species. Lots of Greater
white-fronted geese along with Canada geese, Mallards, Pintails and a
couple of American Widgeons. Also had 2 Sandhill cranes here. Water
levels are LOW. Hopefully there will be some rain soon.
  Randolph Industrial Park was quiet though the pond near the church
had geese and ducks. Best bird was a lone Lesser Scaup.
  West end of Lake Byllesby was quiet and water is low. Perfect
shorebird habitat except for all the ice :-)  Only new species I
picked up there were some Green-winged Teal.
  Big movements of birds likely still a couple of weeks away. Radar
last night showed some significant migration reaching southern
Missouri. The cold front approaching us tonight will keep things
pretty much as they are for a while. Keep the faith, a fellow bander
in Mexico is catching Tennessee Warblers right now so spring is
certainly on its way.

Roger Everhart
Apple Valley, MN

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