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CALL TO ACTION! 3PM TODAY!The Olmsted County Commissioners are meeting 
TODAY to vote on the land use designation of the rookery forest. This 
vote will determine if the rookery is saved or if this struggle will 
drag on for month and years. Please attend in person - or virtually 
and SPEAK UP for the herons during the Public Comments session that 
starts at 3pm sharp:
Council Chambers at the Government Center
151 4th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904
or attend virtually:
The web portal above will be live at the time of the meeting
The decision the Commissioners will make today -- whether or not to 
pass the Land Use Plan Amendment and the General Development Plan -- 
will have a bigger impact than any other decision on whether or not we 
can save the rookery.
The biggest win for the rookery would be for the Commissioners to vote 
AGAINST the Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA).
If the Commissioners vote to leave the rookery acreage in its current 
land use designation of “Resource Protection” -- the land CANNOT 
be developed and will be protected until we can come up with a 
solution that protects the rookery and satisfies the landowner and 
If the Commissioners vote to change the rookery acreage’s land use 
designation to “Suburban Development”, they will: 1) put the 
rookery acreage on the fast track to development because all the 
subsequent development decisions are subject to the 60 day rule (if a 
vote has not occurred within 60 days, the developer’s application is 
automatically approved), and 2) it will show that the commissioners 
want it developed. (Why else would they move it from Resource 
Protection to Suburban Development?)
Please ask the Commissioners to leave the rookery acreage in 
“Protected Resource” status.
Olmsted County has 8,500 acres available for Suburban Development and 
ONE upland forest Great Blue Heron rookery. Ask them to protect it!

SUPPORT SAVE THE ROOKERY: https://www.savetherookery.com/store
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