[Mnbird] Yellow-crowned Night Heron still here

Al Batt snoeowl at aol.com
Mon May 17 00:26:22 CDT 2021

I enjoyed staring at the Yellow-crowned Night Heron that has been at Brookside Park in Albert Lea for about a month. I helped birders from Utah find Waldo in the midst of a slew of sightly warblers at a Myre-Big Island State Park. The beauty of the warblers (mostly American Redstarts), Orchard Orioles, Indigo Buntings and Swainson’s Thrushes enthralled me. In the process of trying to find enough eyes to go around, I was drawn to a call. It sounded as if a Red-winged Blackbird was trying out for the junior high choir. I found the vocalist—a European Starling. I should have known.

Al Batt
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