[Mnbird] Sad nesting day, Dakota Co

mary norman marylouisenorman at gmail.com
Sun May 2 15:00:04 CDT 2021

Sorry to hear!   I suppose it’s hard to put up a baffle around the old oak tree!    And maybe squirrels can access the tree more than one way.   Do you have any bird houses in the yard?   I have several, and I have metal flashing at least 3 feet long on each post so critters like squirrels can’t access.   

Mary Norman

> On May 2, 2021, at 2:50 PM, Miller Johnson via Mnbird <mnbird at lists.mnbird.net> wrote:
> Two unhappy nesting events today:
> 1. A gray squirrel kicked a White-breasted Nuthatch pair out of their nest hole in an old oak tree.
> 2. A House Wren rattled at me from a brush pile. Let their killing begin. Ugh.
> Molly Miller
> Inver Grove Hts 
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