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About 50 years ago at a St Paul Audubon meeting a member shared that he 
was live trapping squirrels and releasing them several miles away. At a 
subsequent meeting another member said he had started doing the same 
thing. In the conversation that followed he said he lived in Highland 
Park and was releasing in Como Park. This was greeted with loud laughter 
from the man who had brought the topic up at the previous meeting. He 
was trapping near Como Park and releasing in Highland. That was the last 
either of them mentioned the topic.
Manley Olson

On 12/19/2021 11:05 AM, DONALD GRUSSING Owner via Mnbird wrote:
> Use squirrel proof feeders on a post at least six feet high, far away 
> from shrubs and trees from which some squirrels will jump. Then, even 
> though the feeders are squirrel proof (none truly are), put two of the 
> most expensive baffles on the post.  A long narrow baffle underneath 
>  a slippery umbrella type baffle. Some squirrels will figure out a way 
> to get a toehold on the spot where the umbrella baffle is affixed to 
> the post.  I think your feeder may be too low, and perhaps you could 
> relocate the electronics to a different feeder.
> Mark the squirrels you relocate with a smudge of red nail polish on a 
> hard to reach place on their back. That way you can validate whether 
> your relocation plan is working.  It is best to take them on the 
> opposite side of a very busy freeway.
> Perhaps you can consider a hawk feeder. Place a pail of whole corn 
> (not on the cob) in a pail in the open far away from any trees. 
> Hunting hawks will appreciate the opportunity to capture a large 
> wholesome meal. Just don't do this where deer feeding is illegal 
> because someone may think you are feeding deer and not hawks.
> Good luck.
> Don Grussing
> Minnetonka
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> I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. As 
> my subject line indicates, I have been at war with the squirrels who 
> love eating my expensive offerings out of my feeder. This isn’t just 
> an ordinary feeder. It has a microphone inside and a transmitter that 
> I have in my house that transmits all the sound on and around the 
> feeder. This enables me to hear and identify the birds by sound since 
> I am sightless. So far we have live-trapped and relocated twelve or 
> thirteen squirrels to the other side of the river but there always 
> seems to be more. My feeder is a hopper-style feeder with perches all 
> around it. The lowest part of the feeder is about four feet off the 
> ground and I have a baffle underneath. However, they are able to get 
> up there anyway. I’m sure many of you have had battles with our 
> acrobatic, agile bird competitors. I would be interested to know how 
> you have dealt with them. I will say, my step count has increased a 
> lot from chasing them. Lol. Thanks.
> Cherise Neustrom, Clearwater, MN
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