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Sun Dec 19 11:21:02 CST 2021

The feeder is too low -- 4 feet up is basically ground level to a squirrel.
Raising it and baffling might help.

However, many years of bird feeding taught me that if the squirrels can get
food more easily than by struggling with a feeder, they will leave the
feeder alone. I used a couple of screen-bottomed ground level feeders (like
short legged tables) and kept them stocked with the sunflower, corn, and
occasionally peanuts that the squirrels prefer. Then, whenever I saw
squirrels raiding the bird feeders, I knew that their trays were empty. As
soon as I refilled the trays, they left the feeders alone again. No one
likes to do extra work unless they have to.

Also, "nature abhors a vacuum" -- relocating squirrels simply creates a
"vacuum" for other squirrels to fill. They are always looking for territory
to move into. It's better to attempt making peace with the squirrels who
know how to "work" your feeders than to have new and crazy ones moving in
all the time. Squirrels do tend to "respect" each others' territory.

This is what worked for me for many years when I lived on a lot with many
mature oaks and other squirrel-friendly trees.

Lois Rem

Lois Rem
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