[Mnbird] Sunday's Anoka county, Oak Grove sightings

Pamela Freeman gleskarider at gmail.com
Sun May 26 21:59:55 CDT 2019

First, after more pouring over field books and sites, and then, yes,
another sighting! I believe I have a correct id for my jelly nibbling sleek
olive backed bird with an eye line. Tennessee warbler. It wasn't sampling
jelly, this time. It was foraging among a thicket at the edge of what used
to be the edge of a marsh but now is a lake. Shallow lake, but a lake,
nevertheless.  And there were two of them.

Also, be still my leaping heart, a scarlet tanager, on my suet. I came
around a corner and saw the most intense red, a small single bird, upon a
double suet feeder with tail support. Not something that took great space
in the panoramic view before me of multiple greens of spring woods and
thicket, pond-marsh-creek- now-lake, and sunny blue sky, yet it's color
commanded all of my attention. My focus zeroed in to that pin point of red.
Cardinal, noooooo, not on suet, and not so-red  red...tanager! My brain
exclaimed, just as I saw the so-black wings to go with that so-red body.

Foy tanager, scarlet.

And, not to diminish another colorful foy,  a yellow warbler, sighted in
the same area as the Tennessee earlier, same time.  We have had yellow
warblers stay the summer here, but I am sure the Tennessee is migrating

Good birding!
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