[Mnbird] Black-billed Cuckoo, Old Cedar Bluff Trail, Hennepin C.

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sat May 25 15:28:08 CDT 2019

Late this morning, a cooperative Black-billed Cuckoo was making its way
west on the river side of the path, quite close to the edge of the trail.
It seemed aware and cautious, but allowed some good looks as it moved in
increments ahead of us. This was East of the long boardwalk and the fallen
tree that arches low across the path. It escaped our sight near the
pink-blossomed honey suckle bush that borders the bluff side of the trail,
so there's no telling if it continued west or not.
Most of the species Steve Weston noted yesterday were still present, but in
lower numbers. Of particular interest was the distinct call of a
Connecticut Warbler where the trail crosses the stream that descends from
11th St. Bird activity was especially concentrated there.
Linda Whyte
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