[Mnbird] Nesting: Cooper's Hawk, WBNU

Molly Miller johnson-miller at msn.com
Mon May 14 10:34:56 CDT 2018

In 2010 I had White-breasted Nuthatches nesting in the knot-hole of an oak tree. While watching it one day, I turned around and found a Cooper's Hawk nest in an oak tree maybe 20 ft south of where I was standing. The nuthatches were close to fledging when a squirrel started giving them the business. I think some kids made it out of the nest. The Cooper's raised three young ones who fledged fine.

After that the nuthatches started nesting in a knothole in our house fascia. This year they were thrown out by a squirrel. (We took this opportunity to replace the fascia.)

Wondering where the nuthatches were going to go, I noticed them hanging out again near the original oak-tree that had the 2010 nest.

Yesterday, I watched a Cooper's Hawk break a twig off a tree. I watched where it went. Lo and behold, it is building a nest in the same oak tree as the 2010 nest! It is probably 15-20 ft higher in the tree, but there it is. And... the male nuthatch brought a seed to feed the female who was sitting inside the old 2010 oak tree nest hole!

History repeats itself.

Molly Miller

Inver Grove Hts

Dakota Co.
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