[Mnbird] Twin Lake

Joachim Huber huber.joachim73 at gmail.com
Sun May 6 11:42:57 CDT 2018

Seemed like a quiet day on Twin Lake. I saw a pied bill grebe this morning
so took a chance to run out in the kayak. The canada geese are nesting
already, quiet unless someone gets close to the nest then very loud.
Commorants sitting on a log overhanging the lake off the west side of the
big island took off as I neared them. Headed down to middle Twin to find
the Watershed district's  barrier to keep carp in? or out? during spawning
is still up. Says it will be down in two weeks. Hopefully it is helping
with lake water quality. So far everything they have done to make the lake
better has made it worse. The loons that have been here about a week were
no where to be seen, maybe they've moved on. A green heron flew overhead as
well as a pair of blue winged teal. A great blue heron flew awkwardly along
the marsh looking for a good fishing spot.  As the wind picked up, so did
the noise. The geese started fussing, the blue jays were fluting and
calling, reminding me of summer in the mountains. A pileated laughed from
the marsh as did a red bellied woodpecker. The tree swallows were twanging
overhead(don't know what else to call their sound) The red winged
blackbirds were computer calling all over. Even a nuthatch chimed in from a
distance. The spring chorus was in full swing with some robins and
cardinals throwing in their 2 cents. It was a beautiful morning on the lake.
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