[Mnbird] Hummers have arrived, also yellow warbler, Orioles are still absent

Pamela Freeman gleskarider at gmail.com
Sun May 6 08:52:31 CDT 2018

Oak Grove, northern Anoka county, we had our first hummingbird last
evening, looking for the feeder. Wasn't out yet,  but the red hook was, and
it was attracted to tha. So we hurried to fill and put it out. The wild
honeysuckle vines and many others are not yet blooming. We didn't get rain
Also saw a yellow warbler in trees going after insects. Wouldn't have spied
him but the leaves haven't fully unfurled.
I put out jelly, since others have reported Orioles, but they haven't meds
it here quite yet. We usually have a few pair nesting nearby.

Chickadees are pulling at the horse hair that I stuffed into a square suet
feeder and hung on a tree. Got the idea from someone at the barn where I
board my horses. Usually most of it is gone by end of summer. Now and then
I find a nest in the fall with horse hair in its construct.

Ah, spring.

Happy birding!
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