[Mnbird] Brooklyn Center Sandhill Cranes/warblers

Joachim Huber huber.joachim73 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 05:19:11 CDT 2018

Sylvia Winkelman and I went birding at MAC park (the marsh just behind
Kylon Park near Crystal Airport) on Tuesday. We saw and heard Sandhill
Cranes. We also saw yellow rumps and a yellow warbler as well as Cedar
Waxwings. Orange crowned warblers were there and ruby crowned kinglets. We
heard a Sora. Sylvia had seen them a few days before. Good day in the
marsh. Sylvia, did we see others?

On a side note, 3 Rivers Parks is installing a new bridge on the North
trail so that will be accessible again. Yeah. Beautiful spring.
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