[Mnbird] Mute Swan

R. Yaeger yegrnaturenut at gmail.com
Wed May 2 19:42:25 CDT 2018

A friend and I were birding along MN Hwy 74 in Whitewater Management area
and saw a Mute swan by itself in the Dorer Pools, resting fairly close to
the road in the grass at the last major pool. There were a lot of other
swans on the far bank, too far to tell for sure whether they were Tundras
or Trumpeters, but they definitely were not Mutes.
We could not get a picture (the cell phone would not zoom in enough) but it
was unmistakable through the binocs - bright orange bill and prominent
black knob.

Saw a lot of other ducks, swans and Sandhills too.
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