[Mnbird] Kudos to MNBird!

R. Yaeger yegrnaturenut at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 17:21:36 CDT 2016

Here’s a shout out to MNBird!
Thanks to MNBird, Jessika Madison-Kennedy of the Wildlife Rehab Center in
Roseville was able to find a chimney swift roost in Rochester and release 5
orphans that she had raised.
It was inspiring to see how the local flock members went after these
clueless little orphans  to round them up and help them to gain altitude
and get into the chimney.

Without MNBird I’m sure it would have been harder for her to find a roost
this late in the year.

This is the kind of thing that MNBird does well, and kudos to them. Yes,
e-bird is out there too, but is not used by everyone.

Thanks for all the hard work of maintaining this site! It benefits both
birds and birders.


yegrnaturenut at gmail.com

Rochester, MN
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