[Mnbird] strange yard day

Heather Keena Birdwing at comcast.net
Wed Sep 21 22:41:57 CDT 2016

Yesterday (tuesday) a large flock of Robins began gathering in our back yard. This morning there were 60 plus Robins and that amount grew throughout the day. At some point in the afternoon 10-14 Northern Flickers began to join the Robins. Most of the Robins seemed to be juveniles, several heavily speckled on their backs and breasts with no ‘russet’ color visible. Others had pale russet breasts and pale gray heads and backs/wings. 

The Robins and Flickers were everywhere; in the trees, foraging on the ground, perching on the lawn furniture, flying around.  They weren’t after the feeders. Both were interested in the bird bath that was filled with rain water and leaves. Eventually I went out and cleaned the bird bath and refilled it. I also decided to turn on a small round sprinkler. At this point there were at least 70 Robins visible under the sprinkler and in the yard with many more in the trees. There were also at least 10 Flickers under the sprinkler and more in the trees and sitting on furniture.

During this crazy influx about 30 juvenile Cedar Waxwings appeared and began bathing and preening under the sprinkler. I haven’t seen any adult Cedar Waxwings this year. 
The ones that appeared today were small and gray with black masks and the yellow waxy tips on their tails. 

Mounds Park, St. Paul

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