[Mnbird] Are they coming?

Karen Larson kslarson29 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 13:12:29 CDT 2016

I heard an oriole while in Annandale on Sunday but have not seen any in my feeder south of St Cloud. Soon!

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I'm located just across the Mississippi River SW Wisconsin area , in New Albin, Iowa and am still eagerly awaiting hummingbirds and orioles.  I have fruit, jelly, and sugar water out, but so far the only takers have been rose breasted grosbeaks and woodpeckers.    We do have the following back however: Whipperwhirl, white throated sparrows, brown thrasher.


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Has anyone seen an Oriole? Rose Breasted Grosbeak? Indigo Bunting? Warblers? Are they hovering south of us or did they veer somewhere for real spring? I've had ruby crowned kinglets in my yard some white crowned sparrows. A couple Fox Sparrows and an ovenbird  I'm holding my breath.

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