[Mnbird] Lake Byllesby, Dakota Cty, shorebirds

Laura Coble shearwater45 at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 25 21:16:26 CDT 2015

Since last Tuesday, there has been an increase in the number of shorebirds on the west side of Lake Byllesby, although the species count is very low. Many shorebirds were a long distance away.
Yesterday and today the number of Long-billed Dowitchers increased from 5 to 15, and there were larger flocks of Pectoral Sandpipers and both yellowlegs today. The number of mud flats and sandbars are increasing, as well.  

Late this afternoon, I found one American Golden Plover, still in breeding plumage.  It had a very dark cap and bright white plumage on its flanks up to its dark crown. 

Also yesterday, in late afternoon:  Two other birders pointed out an enormous flock of gulls much farther out on the lake, plus some waterfowl, including an American Widgeon and a good number of N. Shovelers, “shoveling” up and down the narrow waterways between the mud flats or sandbars. 

Laura Coble
Cannon Falls

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