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Betsy Beneke birderbetsy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 18:28:40 CDT 2015

The Prairie's Edge Wildlife Drive at Sherburne NWR opened today, nearly a
month earlier than is usual - mostly due to a dry winter and good road
conditions.  I didn't get there until mid afternoon, not optimum birding
time.  I only saw FIVE species of birds the whole loop!  A personal "worst"
- which of course means it will only continue to get better with future
visits, which I look forward to as a "retired" federal employee.  No more
hurrying, because I need to get back to the office!  Loved my job, but love
retirement more.  In case you were wondering.

The marshes are 90% ice-covered.  It was very quiet.  Seen were:  Canada
Goose, Trumpeter Swan, Sandhill Crane, Bald Eagle and Northern Shrike.
Other sites around the refuge where water was open, I did find Red-winged
Blackbird, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Harrier, American Crow, Wilson's
Snipe, Mallard and Hooded Merganser.

I spent a good share of the afternoon in Benton County, as I did yesterday,
and saw MANY American Kestrels(15), and quite a few Northern Shrikes (7)
today, that weren't present yesterday.  I traveled many of the same roads
both days.

Betsy Beneke
St. Cloud, Benton County
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