[Mnbird] missing birds

MEYER DENNIS drmeyer at bigfork.net
Fri Jun 26 21:14:24 CDT 2015

 On June 16th and 23rd I had to take day trips
to Northern Itasca Co.

On the 16th between 8 am to noon, Mpls to
Deer River I observed 22 Red Wings about
as many crows. 2 Tree Swallows, 1 Kingbird &
2 Robins.  No other birds flying or on power lines,
 fence lines.  It was like late March early April.

On the 23rd it was better with a dozen Turkey Vultures,
3 Kestrels but still not as many birds as I have seen in
years past.

In Itasca Co where I had a 100 box Bluebird trail I believe
that Tree Swallows are down by 50-75% (Just an observation
as I traveled for business) A local Vet who has a Martin
House agreed with my observation.  He told me he used to have
up to 50 Barn Swallows nests in his barn but this year has seen
only one bird.  Also not one Cliff Swallow was
observed in the County on my trip.

Dennis Meyer
Roseville, MN

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