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On 6/26/2015 2:54 PM, DONALD GRUSSING Owner via Mnbird wrote:
>  I'm mostly a yard bird guy. I like to sit outside and see what's 
> flying. I go to grandkids' ball games and watch the sky as well as the 
> games. I drive by Target and look for the Ringed-bill Gulls relaxing 
> in the parking lot. It seems that I am not seeing as much as I used to 
> see.
> No Chimney Swifts occasionally twittering over the house, no Barn 
> Swallows, or hawks or any of the common visitors. Yes, last night I 
> saw a Green Heron and a small flock of Cedar Waxwings at Freeman Park. 
> A couple days before I saw nothing at Bennett Park. A Broad Wing Hawk 
> flew over my deck. But the skies seem much emptier than usual.
> Avian flu perhaps?  Aging eyes?  Too many Cooper's Hawks?  Am I the 
> only one experiencing this?
> Don Grussing
> Minnetonka
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Moorhead backyard.   No finches outside of two golds, no doves, no 
orioles or catbirds.  I am set up with lots of shelter, five water 
baths, oranges, jelly, tons of peanuts and nijger thistle.   All I have 
and these are few, is nuthatches and chickadees, woodpeckers (one 
pilieated regular customer) and robins, weavers and grackles.  All other 
birds have up and left for almost three years.  Used to be a zoo back 
there.  Something is wrong.  Even migrating sparrows and warblers 
etc.were very few.  Unreal, not at all normal.  The coopers hawk seems 
to have left me alone this year since I put up a menacing looking 
plastic owl, not sure if that did it but finally he has stopped dropping 
by after many years of predating here.

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