[Mnbird] McLeod Plover/Kingbird

Hoeger-Lerdal phdl at mchsi.com
Mon Jun 8 14:30:48 CDT 2015

There has been a lone Black-bellied Plover at Eagle Lake southwest of Hutchinson for the past week.
There were 2 yesterday (Sun. the 7th), the continuing breeding plumage bird and also an imm./winter-like plumage plover.
Today (Mon. the 8th) I could only find the breeding-plumage plover (which incidentally looks browner rather than silvery on the back, but has black axillaries,
white rump, and white belly/undertail).
Also today, a Western Kingbird was on the wires of Wells Ave., the gravel-dirt road that goes from 115th St. to Eagle Lake access.
When I left, it was near the intersection of Wells and 115th.
Pete Hoeger, Hutch

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