[Mnbird] Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Dakota County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Wed Dec 31 14:39:42 CST 2014

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow allowed a couple of looks this morning between
11:15 an 11:30. In spite of the large number of House Sparrows and the
flurry of activity from Blue Jay action, the bird was was not terribly hard
to pick out when presenting its profile. The extensive white on the cheek,
and its black splotch, caught the eye, registering the bird as "different".
The first appearance was fleeting. with the bird perching on the outside of
the broad conifer next to and south of, the feeders on the southeast side
of the house. The bird quickly retreated out of sight around and into the
tree, but soon grabbed a spot on one of the tank feeders. It perched long
enough to feed for a bit, and also to give a look at its narrow white
collar. The crown was clearly russet brown rather than gray.
Thank you, to all who posted; this was a life bird for me.
Linda Whyte
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