[Mnbird] Catch and Release

Brian and Cindy Drill bcdrill at charter.net
Sat May 11 20:40:22 CDT 2024

Today I had a unique opportunity for up-close birding.  I had gone into 
the outdoor patio room to turn on the Twins game but left the door 
open.  First a bee came in but left again.  A few minutes after a small 
bird found its way inside. It went to a window opposite the door and 
tried to get out, but this was not one I could open for it so it kept 
fluttering against the glass.  Luckily, it was not beating hard against 
it so as to injure itself.  I approached it and at first glance assumed 
it was a chickadee.  I was able to put my finger in front of it and cup 
my hand behind it, it grabbed my finger and I was able to lift it away 
from the window and carry it back outside.  As I moved it the little 
things heart was pounding and the bill was open in a pant, but it 
remained clinging to my finger.  I got to get a much better look at it 
and realized it was not a chickadee at all but a Blackpoll Warbler!  I 
set it on a rung of a trellis a couple feet outside of the room, and it 
remained for a few seconds before recovering to fly away.

Backyard birding has been good, we have a Gray Cheeked Thrush visiting 
for the past 3 days.  The Harris Sparrow still drops in on and off, 
sometimes accompanied by a White Crowned Sparrow.  On Thursday evening a 
Yellow Warbler dropped in and hopped around the small fish pond looking 
for a way to drink.  Cindy in North Mankato

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