[Mnbird] Shrike in Hennepin Cty

Betsy Kerr bjkerr at umn.edu
Tue Oct 17 18:57:54 CDT 2023

P.S. I didn't think to check my revised Janssen until just now.  It
suggests that both the Northern and Loggerhead Shrike are equally possible
here at this time.

Betsy Kerr
Golden Valley

On Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 6:18 PM Betsy Kerr <bjkerr at umn.edu> wrote:

> l visited Westwood Hills Nature Center (St. Louis Park) this afternoon and
> walked the boardwalk part of the trail.  I saw a Shrike perched in a tree
> for a few minutes, but the distance was too far and my eyesight not good
> enough (even with binoculars) to positively ID it as a Northern or a
> Loggerhead.  I see in ebird that a Northern is much more likely at this
> time of year, but if I had to choose, I would choose Loggerhead because of
> the boldness of the black and white and the clear white wing bars.  I'm
> curious to know if anyone has  seen either Shrike around here lately.
> Betsy Kerr
> Golden Valley
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