[Mnbird] Southwest Birds

cheriserobb15 at gmail.com cheriserobb15 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 12:33:09 CST 2023

Hello, all. My husband and I just returned from our first snowbirding visit
to Arizona and Texas. It looks like we picked a good winter to go lol.
Anyway, I was excited to take in some new birds I hadn't experienced before.
I used the Merlin Bird ID ap to help me identify them. Great ap by the way!
There were a lot of doves, especially in Arizona. Besides the common
mourning dove there were Eurasian-collared doves and white-winged doves in
abundance. Another interesting bird was the great-tailed grackle. The many
calls they made were interesting and amusing. The Carolina wrens in Missouri
and Texas were lovely. Some other birds of note were great kiskadee and
lesser goldfinch which I wasn't familiar with.


Happy spring, everybody!


Cherise Neustrom, Clearwater



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