[Mnbird] Carooiha Wren

DONALD GRUSSING Owner cdrussin at centurylink.net
Sun Feb 19 16:40:22 CST 2023

The deer have been emptying a large feeder in one night.  So I bought a bag of that squirrel proof hot pepper treated food. Sunflower hearts, golden safflower etc. treated with ground up hot peppers.  It works on the deer.  And then I saw the past three days an occasional visitor at the feeder with a tail up instead of down.  Finally put the binocs on it and saw it was a Carolina wren. 

What could it be eating?  Not a seed eater.  So I checked the bag content list. Meal worms. I missed a few hours because of ice.  Feeding birds this year is dangerous, but uy wife negotiated a way to the feeder and filled it

I hope the bird returns esp. with the heavy snow on the way.

Don Grussing
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