[Mnbird] White Winged Dove

Brian and Cindy Drill bcdrill at charter.net
Sun May 29 09:45:33 CDT 2022

Good morning again.  In all of my excitement I forgot to give better 

I first saw the dove on my patio from a window, eating sunflower seed 
off of the ground below the feeder. Recognizable by the short tail and 
wing edges, it was distinctly not a mourning dove so I verified my ID 
with some quick research.  A squirrel chased it away, and then it 
returned.  I heard its particular call (familiar from visits to AZ), and 
then the squirrel chased it again.  I grabbed my camera and refound it 
in the evergreen at the back of the yard.  After my photos it did fly 
again to the East, after which I heard it one more time so it was 
perhaps in a neighbors tree.  Since then there is a mourning dove on the 
patio, but I have not seen the White Wing in the past 1/2 hour.

I need to run an errand soon, but will be watching to see if it returns 
this afternoon.  Cindy in North Mankato

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