[Mnbird] Common Nighthawk, Orchard Oriole, Bell's Vireo, Dakota County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Fri May 27 17:17:50 CDT 2022

Following bird-banding at Carpenter Nature Center, the weather prompted a
short detour to the Spring L . Park Reserve archery unit, in hopes of
seeing an Orchard Oriole. That hope was fulfilled by seeing one in action,
foraging low, beside the fence on the east side of the driveway. In the
meantime, however, a good look was scored at a C. Nighthawk in its
dayroost, resting on a horizontal branch of a sparsely-foliaged tree in
that same area. It soon took to the wing, hunting over the field, headed
After that there was no resisting a passing glance at 140th St. Marsh
nearby. Expecting nothing new, I was delighted to hear a familiar voice and
sound: Bell's Vireo, singing in the shrubs along the fence line, just east
of the few remaining cedars there. Possibly it was one of the Bell's that
had nested close by, before the landfill expansion and major habitat
reduction. It will merit another check to see if the bird remains.
Linda Whyte
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