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Sun May 15 21:27:59 CDT 2022

Hi Mary Ann,
I’m surprised you haven’t seen them prior as they migrate North to the UMN Ecosystem Science Reserve and I would think they would pass through Lino. I’m in East Bethel, right by the preserve, so I’m lucky they visit my feeders regularly. I’m a volunteer on the project and we are currently collecting tracking information to learn where they overwinter in the years they migrate (some overwinter here, some leave, each year is a bit different; something else we’re learning!). If you see more, keep an eye out for backpacks (GPS trackers) and leg bands! 

When I zoom in on your picture, it appears the bird may have bands. Could you check your husband’s pictures and see if any of them show bands? I would be so curious as to if we can identify this individual!


> On May 15, 2022, at 1:36 PM, MARY ANN MCDOUGAL via Mnbird <mnbird at lists.mnbird.net> wrote:
> At 6:45 this morn (5-15-22) I happened to look out the kitchen window and the first thing I could say to myself was “WHAT?”
> In the 47 years I’ve lived on this property I have never seen a Red Headed Woodpecker here. It was in the feeder eating sunflower hearts. It has been beck several times so we have lots of photos. My husband took this one about noon.
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