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Mon May 9 17:37:14 CDT 2022

Request from eBird/ Merlin

1. The best bird ID tools are your own eyes and ears. 
Merlin’s suggestions are just a starting point. You should always independently verify each suggestion before reporting it. 

Tap a Merlin suggestion to see and hear it in the spectrogram. Compare each suggestion against Merlin’s example recordings. Then tap “Details” and consider the range map, behavior, and habitat description of the bird that is vocalizing–does it seem like a good fit? You’ll also want to consider the seasonality of the species (try Merlin bar charts under Explore Birds). If possible, try to see the bird making the sound to confirm the ID. 

Like all birders, Merlin can make mistakes. If you're not confident that Merlin's suggestion is correct, or if you have not considered it independently, don't report it to eBird. (Do not report whatever Merlin says without considering it first!) 

Visit All About Birds or Explore Species in eBird for more information if you’re unsure about an ID. 

Personally I use Merlin’s sound ID
to alert me to what is around.  If I don’t find the bird I don’t report it.

Carol Schumacher
Birdminn at yahoo.com
Winona MN on the Mississippi
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