[Mnbird] Warblers

Steve Weston sweston2g at gmail.com
Sun May 8 21:59:51 CDT 2022

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I spent most of the day at
Hok-si-lah in Lake City and at Sand Point nearby. We saw two Yellow-rumps
and ID'd another warbler by sound (Yellow) and probably heard two more
Today, I walked out my door and spent less than an hour at the park next
door and found seven warblers (N. Waterthrush, Black & White, Tennessee,
Orange-crowned, Nashville, Redstart, Yellow). Other new birds today besides
most of those warblers include Cliff Swallow and Least Flycatcher.
Steve Weston
On Quigley Lake in Eagan, MN
sweston2g at gmail.com
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