[Mnbird] Hadley Lake Report

Peter L Gilles gilles_peter_l at msn.com
Sat May 7 19:36:49 CDT 2022

Incredible aerial displays over North end of Hadley Lake today.

This morning,  the pair of Osprey that have been around for the better part of two weeks were swooping and sailing from shore to shore.  They seemed to come up empty-handed and move SE along the lake.

About 630 this evening, a Bald Eagle has been skimming across the duckweed and occasionally plunging his talons down, but not catching anything.

The duckweed doesn't appear to detur the Eagle whereas the Osprey appears to favor the more open surface.

Wednesday, I saw an Osprey plunge about 60 ft down from a perch in one of my willows and partially submerge, but come up empty-handed.

Last week, I watched one of the Ospreys eat a whole fish, bite by bite.  I have photos and a video that has a few shakey bits, but is otherwise in focus.  The flesh of the fish appeared reddish in color  -- carp??

The video is nearly 2 minutes, but I also have great stills.

I don't recall seeing photos on MNBird.

Is it possible to post photos to MNBird?

Is there any way to share the photos and video?

Observation:  A pair of geese generally nest here on the North end.  There were a pair here as soon as the ice receded from the shore.  They were very protective of their territory and drove off several other pairs.

Generally, I see one floating just off-shore while I assume the other sits on the nest.

I also have a half a dozen Mallards thar seem to hang around all season.

However I haven't seen either of the geese or any Mallards since the Ospreys have been around.

Question:  do you think they all moved on because of the Ospreys sailing around this end of the lake?

Non-bird FOY::  The turtles have started to wake up.  I saw 15 to 20 sunning themselves on clumps of reeds close to shore this morning.   Their shells shine like mirrors from the morning sun angle.  I can find them with my binoculars,  but there are too many tree branches to get a good photo with a telephoto lens.

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