[Mnbird] A couple FOYs, Otsego, Wright Co.

Kim Wilcox wilco001 at umn.edu
Wed May 4 19:13:11 CDT 2022

Today I spotted a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak on one of the feeders in the
BY! Can the Orioles and Hummers be far behind? My husband also reported
seeing a House Wren checking out a birdhouse. I know about their bad
behavior, but I love hearing their song.

On Saturday, we were driving on Henn Co 13 (aka Brockton Lane) between Henn
Co 81 and Old Dayton. We spotted a single Great Egret in 3 separate
locations. I haven't seen any in this area for a long time, it seems.

On April 26, the Cowbirds returned to the yard. I'm a lot less excited
about that.

On Apr 25, White-throated Sparrows showed up - very happy to see them. ;-)

Kimerly J. Wilcox, Ph.D.
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