[Mnbird] Unusual Hawk Sighting

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Tue Mar 22 10:59:26 CDT 2022

I think the same bird has caught my eye a few times, even as recently as
yesterday, on walks at Lilydale. I wonder if it may be a case of leucistic
plumage. Red-tails seem to have a wider range of coloration than any other
raptor species, unless you consider juvenile Bald Eagles. That's what makes
them so interesting, even though so common.
Linda Whyte

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> A few times this winter I have seen a hawk near the southeast corner of
> Cretin Derham school. This hawk is all white except for a dark tail. I'm
> pretty sure it is a red-tailed hawk - it's the right size and shape, but
> this is whiter than any of the light phase red-tails I've seen pictured.
> With the exception of the dark tail, it is as white as a snowy owl, which
> is what I mistook it for the first time I saw it.
> I was wondering if anyone knows what is going on with this hawk?
> Thanks.
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