[Mnbird] Lilydale 3/21/22, Dakota C.

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Tue Mar 22 08:45:19 CDT 2022

Sandhill Cranes were frequenting the marsh area just next to the pipeline
infrastructure, east of the parking area for the Pool and Yacht Club. My
attention was drawn away from them by travelers overhead: a flock of Tundra
Swans moving NW. Counting stopped at 85, but 100 was more likely. A
subsequent flock numbered around 50, going in the same direction.

Later, near the west end of Pickerel Lake, a FOY American Woodcock flushed
from the side of the trail, flashing nice views of its buffy-orange
underside. I had paused there to note that the flatter, disc-shaped eagle
nest was occupied by an adult Bald Eagle, with a partner on sentinel duty
over the wetland to the west.
There's no telling if this is the same pair that has been seen in the huge,
deep nest beside the railroad bridge at the east end of the lake. If so,
perhaps recent work at the bridge prompted them to move....or else the
neighborhood is truly saturated with Bald Eagles; the nest just downriver
and across from the Pool and Yacht  Club has also been occupied. I'm not
optimistic about the prospect of seeing Osprey return to the area, with
that kind of competition.

Linda Whyte, St. Paul
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