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Thu Mar 10 08:26:58 CST 2022

This journey started by finding 2005 gift to my grandsons, the N.A.Raptor puzzle by Channel Craft (in a tin can with the puzzle printed on its cover.) The puzzle is loaded with details:  lists of raptor organizations like Hawk Migration Association N.A, 31 hot spots, and photos by author/photographer Brian Wheeler. (Some may quibble about a few choices  but known leaders did the work). 

Having enjoyed this one, the Cornell Lab store led me to The Rainbow of Birds. Gaudy bird photos for a challenging puzzle. Most are from the Western Hemisphere with a few Asian gems, one African. How could I have forgotten the Yucatán Jay or a lovely mystical motmot!

This led to the New York Puzzle Company and the National Geographic’s Western Hemisphere migration of great topo maps, photos, and text and species info. There is no photo poster and finally the perfect phone magnifier did the trick enlarging necessary details. Again it’s a puzzle loaded with information!  And definitely a learning tool I reread daily. A huge Nat Geo migration poster that hung in my bird room for years is this puzzle’s precursor.  

A difficult but lovely uncompleted 
gem is The Family Tree of Saw-whets by Cobble Hill. This will take a while!

On the hunt for ornithologically correct puzzles is my winter mission. If you have recommendations they are welcome.  “Christmas card” style bird puzzle numerous are easy to find. 

My dream puzzle features the stunning and numerous Mexican endemic birds by Mexican photographers. 

A couple notes: 
The Lab/NY Puzzle Birds-of-Paradise mug has delightful stylized images if you can find it.
All items described I purchased.

Carol Schumacher
Winona, on the Mississippi
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