[Mnbird] Migrant Goshawk (Washington County)

Kyle TePoel 88twins at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 16:29:07 CST 2022

Had a very probable Goshawk apparently migrating through overhead just a
few minutes ago, near the St. Croix River north of Stillwater.
Cruising/kettling northward at a good clip (and relatively low height),
this large, long-tailed raptor resembled a Cooper's but appeared bulkier,
and somewhat less like the lower-case 't' or cross-shaped bird I associate
with Cooper's Hawks. The tail was long, but somewhat less so in proportion
to its body compared to a Coopers; it also appeared more square than
rounded, though in flight I wouldn't make this my definitive ID point. The
underside was also pretty uniform in color (definitely no rusty-colored
barring of an adult Cooper's, and not dark streaking consistent with
juveniles of either species, but rather an overall whitish or "dirty white"
appearance from my vantage point, suggesting a possible adult Goshawk).
Mid-afternoon lighting was pretty ideal; late enough to not be overly
bright or washed out, and not late enough to be tinting colors with any
sunset effect.

Kyle Te Poel
Stillwater Township, MN
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