[Mnbird] Dangers of monofilament

DONALD GRUSSING Owner cdrussin at centurylink.net
Mon Jun 27 14:29:32 CDT 2022

Last week an adult chickadee was pestering with something hanging from the entrance hole of a bluebird house in my yard. The house was bing utilized by a pair of chickadees and I thought they would be fledging in about a week. But something was wrong 

As I approached the box the adult chickadee was tugging at something hanging from the hole. As I got closer I could see it was a juvenile chickadee, not yet ready to leave the nest. But it was dead and hanging by a foot. Upon examination, I could see that the nestling had somehow got one leg tangled in a piece of monofilament line. The line was very very light, and apparently had been used in construction of the nest. It was still entangled in the nesting material inside the nest box. I think the adult was trying to remove the dead nestling from the house. With a bit of tugging I worked it free from the nest material and disposed of it. 

All seems normal at the moment. 

Don Grussing 
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