[Mnbird] Yard Nesting update

carol schumacher birdminn at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 13:30:19 CDT 2022

Rose-breasted Grosbeak females returned to open feeders 6/6 and the males a few days later. Yup

Gray Catbirds have no time for Blue Jays in the yard. Chasing occurs several times daily which tells me they have eggs/nestlings.

Baltimore Orioles sounded off 6/8 just like Broad-winged Hawks do when eggs hatch. Similar behavior for similar circumstances?

Most interesting are hummingbirds.
Females showed up on one day! And later than average. Yesterday 3 females were on a 3 port feeder at the same time. Each had unique and new breast feather “markings” leading to a suspicion each is on a nest.

Previous yeas I’ve found nests in 2 state parks near streams and in semi-open woods near creeks/rivers. While on the lookout,  luck would be required here. 

Carol Schumacher
Winona on the Mississippi
Birdminn at yahoo.com

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