[Mnbird] Bell's Vireo continuing, 140th St marsh, Dakota C.

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Thu Jun 2 08:21:02 CDT 2022

For those interested, this week's drive-by showed that the Bell's Vireos
remain in the fence-line shrubbery below the landfill, east of the wet
areas. As of late morning yesterday, there was much vigorous vocalizing,
and even some cooperative viewing.
Over background noise from the landfill, there seemed to be a Dicksissel
voice, but it didn't call more than once, and none were seen at the time.
However, the species has favored the site in the past, so another check may
reveal its presence.
The Brown Thrasher, further west in the fence-line, was more quiet than
usual and a bit secretive, unlike the Flycatcher that perched up
occasionally. Perhaps nesting is in progress, as the Thrashers showed up
earlier last month. There was no sight or sound of the male Pheasant that
had been along the road and fence line since April. Song Sparrows are
numerous as usual, and Clay-coloreds in evidence, but there are hopes of
finding more of the grass-loving sparrows on the hillside above the fence
line, as the landfill is now growing more cover foliage there. A trip in
earlier hours, especially on a Sunday, when landfill business is inactive
might make it easier to detect the likes of Grasshopper Sparrow.
Linda Whyte
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