[Mnbird] American Woodcock, Dakota Co

Miller Johnson johnson-miller at msn.com
Sun Jul 10 21:24:39 CDT 2022

I am giddy! We've had an American Woodcock in our yard on and off today. Earlier in the day my husband and oldest son had a chance to see it. Then my youngest son got home in time to see it as it was getting dark. I continued watching until it was too dark to see anymore. I'm glad I had binoculars with pretty good light-gathering capability. We've had woodcocks here twice before, once in 1999 and again in 2001. In other words, it's been decades since one has visited!

They have to be one of our coolest, and weirdest birds, in the state! I hope it stays for a while so I can continue to watch its antics.

Good birding to all.

Molly Jo Miller
Inver Grove Hts
Dakota Co

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