[Mnbird] gardening near bird feeders can make you sick

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Sat Sep 11 15:18:39 CDT 2021

It IS possible that is true.
Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus, and it typically is found in places
with lots of bird or bat droppings.
The fungus is in the environment, could be everywhere, but it becomes
concentrated where bird and or bat droppings are found.

So, yeah, it may very well be true.
And without an obvious OTHER way of getting it, is likely.

Does that mean that gardening in a yard with feeders is risky?
It is the immediate proximity that is the issue, so that many birds, over
much of the time, are eating and releasing waste
in a small area.
Don't put up feeders in the middle of your garden.  Plus, feeders tend to
attract mice and other critters that are not necessarily
harmful to your health outdoors so much, but you may be luring them to your
garden where they may make mischief.

- Pamela
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> I just learned of a woman who got infected with histoplasmosis because her
> raised bed garden was too close to the bird feeders.  At least, that's what
> her doctors say is the cause.
> Is this something Minnesota birdwatchers are aware of?
> Lois Willand
> Minneapolis
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