[Mnbird] Nesting Winona county

carol schumacher birdminn at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 10:34:27 CDT 2021

Brown Thrashers are singing again signaling a hatch.  A Gray Catbird pair is still coming together to feast on jam. House Sparrows are bringing tailless pigs to the feeders. White-breasted Nuthatch have decreased the frantic peanut feeding of last week.  Baltimore Orioles are still loudly singing in bursts around the neighborhood.

A female Ruby-throated hummingbird has been gracing our feeders. It’s a great time to study her profile: longer bill and larger size as compared to breeding males.  Let it become second nature. This comparison helps distinguish fall birds without relying on breeding plumage. Males can’t guard the feeders enough even now.

We are approaching the time I’ve found RTHU on nests. Finally finding a yard nest would the best!

Winona on the Mississippi
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