[Mnbird] Harris Sparrows

Brian and Cindy Drill bcdrill at charter.net
Mon May 3 14:45:28 CDT 2021

Good afternoon.  I enjoyed the presence of 2 Harris Sparrows under the 
feeder this morning, along with a few White Throated which had been 
hanging around a few days.  I had not seen a Harris here for a few years 
now.  A large flock of Pine Siskins was again present, mixing with 
Goldfinches and a few House Finches.

Heard but yet unseen--a Catbird called yesterday from the neighbors 
lilacs, and today there is a steady warble from Wrens.

Yesterday my daughter and I saw 3 male Orioles in trees at Spring Lake 
Park in North Mankato while we were on a walk, although I have yet to 
have any in my own yard only 2 blocks away.  The Oxbow at Hiniker Pond 
had several Wood Ducks, a couple of Blue Winged Teal were hanging with 
them.  One pair of Mallards and one pair of Canada Geese had their 
babies on the water with them.  Last week we saw the FOY Great Blue 
Heron and Kingfisher on the same walking route.  Cindy In North Mankato

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