[Mnbird] Clay-colored, Song and Field Sparrow Nesting, Dakota Co

Miller Johnson johnson-miller at msn.com
Fri Jun 11 13:54:27 CDT 2021

I'm pleased to announce I am not crazy. 

I've heard a Clay-colored Sparrow buzzing in several locations on our property this summer, but could never find it. At some point I had to admit that maybe there was something else that sounded like it... because how could I not find the darn noisy creature? Yesterday I was watching Field Sparrows and Song Sparrows taking food to their nests when I heard the so-called "Clay-colored Sparrow" singing again. A lot. Could not find it.

Today I was watching the Song and Field Sparrows again (Field Sparrows must've fledged from nest), and heard that dang buzzing. Erg. Finally! It popped up near a Field Sparrow I was watching and it started singing! I continued watching for a while and then continued walking, did a loop and started back. The buzzing was very nearby, just a bit farther west than the one I had watched sing. After finally locating it again, I saw it had a larva in its beak. I watched as it went to a small honeysuckle bush... and fed a juvenile!

Last year I had a pair of Clay-colored Sparrows associating for quite a while in the early summer, on the border with our western neighbor. Then they went quiet. Periodically I'd look for them, but I assumed they headed off to greener pastures. The honeysuckle bush in which the juvenile was fed today was about 20 feet from where last year's pair hung out. 

That's a new nester for our property. So cool to hear... and see!

Molly Miller
Inver Grove Hts
Dakota Co

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